CGI for eCommerce

DreamView Brings the Future of Virtual Products and CGI for eCommerce to Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas, Nevada – February 6th, 2020

Twice a year, thousands of home furnishing industry professionals gather at the Las Vegas Market to source their furniture, flooring, bedding, lighting, and home decor needs from over 4,300 brands. Attendees include buyers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers from all 50 states and over 80 countries. An industry staple for over a decade, Las Vegas Market is the largest, most comprehensive — and only — furniture, home decor, and gift trade show on the West Coast.

Spread out across the massive Las Vegas World Market Center, the bi-annual event encompasses 5.4 million square feet of display space for everything from casual furnishings to area rugs to outdoor furniture, decorative lighting, and all housewares in-between. Tens of thousands of products from those 4,300 brands are on display in both permanent showrooms and temporary exhibition spaces.

Every one of those brands must budget for marketing their product lines, spending money on everything from traditional product photo shoots, to print ads, to visual media for internet and mobile platforms. With the advent of eCommerce, the complexity and cost of making the public aware of this vast array of products has only increased. Indeed, the sheer size of the market signals the opportunity for a disruptive virtual solution.

Enter DreamView.

Founded by the CGI visionaries whose Oscar Winning Visual Effects work brought to life everything from the photoreal dinosaurs of Jurassic Park to the magical worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars – just to mention a few – DreamViews’ presence at the Las Vegas Market heralds the arrival of the future of eCommerce.

The DreamView™ cloud platform and production services help e-commerce businesses create, manage, and distribute photoreal and AR CGI assets and media for eCommerce platforms and clients.  Virtual product and lifestyle scene creation is not only faster and less costly than traditional set design and layout, but also provides infinitely reusable 3D CGI assets and media. The company’s proprietary process also facilitates visualization and market testing of virtual product color and texture variations, and is globally scalable.

In a Q & A conducted after the show, DreamView’s COO, Nathaniel Hunter, and account manager, Natalie Wilkinson, had this to say about their experience at this year’s show:

What made the Winter 2019 Las Vegas Market so special?

Nathaniel: This year was especially impactful for DreamView, with a considerable number of clients that are now hearing more and more about 3D CGI and how it’s replacing photography, so it was far easier to talk to potential clients without having a barrier of understanding around our core service offering.

How would you describe DreamView’s experience at the Market?

Nathaniel: Fun as always. It’s humbling just how many people and products show up for such a short window of time. This year’s Las Vegas Market was more focused for us compared to previous markets, with many meetings already set-up going into the show — a huge increase from the High Point Market in North Carolina.

How was Las Vegas Market different from High Point?

Nathanial: Again, our level of organization and knowledge of how best to pitch our services was an advancement over previous Markets. Plus, Las Vegas Market is so much easier to navigate, being in three connected buildings, versus being spread out across an entire city.

Can you tell us the key attributes that attract new DreamView clients?

Nathaniel: Our pitch is well-crafted, honed to strike directly to the heart of what many of our clients pain-points are, and backed up with amazing visuals, hyper-competitive pricing, and the rest really sells itself.

Which clients are you most excited about and why?  

Nathaniel: All of them! Some brands are specifically looking to completely replace photography with DreamView’s services this year, which is where we’d like to go with more and more clients once they see the incredible benefits and cost savings we offer.

Why do you think DreamView is growing at such an exponential pace with CGI for eCommerce?

Nathaniel: The marketplace is screaming out for this, and while we have competition in the space, DreamView is bringing something unique that really does speak directly to our clients’ needs. We’re not focusing on whiz-bang service items, but rather logical and cost-efficient solutions for their biggest problem areas.

Natalie, what’s your experience working as a DreamView rep?

Natalie: It’s pretty amazing. We’ve crafted the perfect solution for a considerably underserved market, and the excitement of being told we’re the best anyone has seen is incredibly humbling and also energizes us to both deliver our services and continue to develop the platform.

What excites people most about DreamView?

Nathaniel: The trifecta. Our solution is simplified, cost efficient, and of the highest quality. EVERY client we have is a recurring client, and many are asking about reserving our time in so they’re not left out as their needs grow — and as a result of this demand, DreamView expands to take on the need.

Natalie:  Our 3D production methods and platform will save brands and retailers significant time and money when compared to traditional photoshoots and production costs. DreamView’s method aims to deliver a photo-real result to all of a client’s marketplace sites in a fraction of the time, complexity and cost of the traditional approach. Though there are a few other companies that create low-end CGI versions of products, we don’t really consider them to be competition. Nobody even comes close to offering the value that DreamView delivers.

DreamView CEO, Euan Macdonald added: “For DreamView, the 2020 Las Vegas Market was a total success. It’s further validation that manufacturers and retailers are moving towards CGI as a replacement for traditional photo-shoots. We gained a large number of clients at this year’s show who are looking to work with us immediately. The rapid adoption of our Virtual Photo Shoot technology, savings we bring across the board, and the rave reviews from new and existing clients are all confirmation that DreamView’s high-quality solution is the best in it’s class — and we’re just getting started.”

For more information about CGI for eCommerce, please visit our website, and let us know if you’d like to schedule a meeting in North Carolina at High Point Market this Spring!