Blockchain and AR a Winning Solution at Elev8CON’s Startup Showcase, picture of Spiderman with his web of blockchain.

Blockchain and AR a Winning Solution at Elev8CON’s Startup Showcase

Eight companies gathered on stage at ELEV8CON in Las Vegas on Dec. 10 to demonstrate how they are applying blockchain technology to solve real-world problems and improve financial industries.

The startup showcase session featured Gridfinity, a cloud-based mining company; Appliqate, a blockchain-based affiliate marketing solution; TemTum, a scalable blockchain network; DreamView Studios, a computer-generated imagery company for e-commerce; Knowbella Tech, a blockchain-based intellectual property platform; System9, a blockchain solution for institutional marketing; NGRAVE, a military-grade hardware wallet; and BlocWatch, an enterprise-blockchain focused security company.

While all of the startups demonstrated a variety of solutions to advance enterprise and financial services sectors, each company shared a common element – they all offered products being used by customers today. Waco Hoover, co-founder of ELEV8CON, told Cointelegraph:

“The goal for the ELEV8CON 2019 Startup Showcase was to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to showcase how they are using blockchain and distributed ledger technology to solve problems facing enterprise and financial services sector firms.”

“One unique aspect of the program is that companies had to have a fully developed product being used by customers. With the ICO boom and bust behind us, selected companies represented extraordinary business models that are actually delivering value,” said Hoover.

Disrupting E-Commerce

Based on a number of judging criteria — such as a product’s market potential, the company’s leadership team, competitive advantages and legal requirements — the showcase judges decided that DreamView Studios offered the best overall solution.

Founded by computer-generated imagery experts, DreamView Studios is a cloud-based solution that produces 3D representations of products for the trillion-dollar e-commerce market.

Euan Macdonald, CEO of DreamView Studios, told Cointelegraph, “The images you see on e-commerce websites are typically taken by a photographer who has had the products shipped and then has placed a product on a stage or into a lifestyle scene. We are making this much more cost-effective by creating virtual 3D computer-generated products that can then be placed in a virtual scene to create photo-real images and media of the product or a lifestyle scene

According to Macdonald, DreamView’s combined revenue for production services and cloud-based platforms is expected to have exponential growth over the next few years as the e-commerce market continues to grow along with the adoption of the use of CGI generated media.. “E-commerce is driving this transition because it’s cost-effective and consumers benefit from interacting with 3D assets using augmented reality experiences, like ‘View In Your Room’, from Amazon’s mobile App,” explained Macdonald.

DreamView studios is currently providing e-commerce clients and their suppliers, like Amazon, Target, and Overstock, with 3D furniture products and images, allowing consumers to have better visibility and also interact with their products before making purchases. Macdonald showed the scale of the e-commerce market is enormous with the marketing spend on traditional media for products at around $30B per year, for 600M+ products.

Macdonald noted that while there are competing companies making CGI products, , DreamView remains unique in the sense that they have an entire cloud-based service with a dedicated pipeline and foundation to manage computer-generated imagery and 3D assets using the blockchain.

“We provide a complete solution for managing assets, creating lifestyle scenes and distributing these assets out among retailers like Amazon, Target, and Overstock” said Macdonald.

The blockchain twist

While the combination of augmented reality and blockchain technology seems like the perfect buzzword scenario, DreamView Studios is proving that these two elements go beyond the hype.

DreamView Studios recently partnered with — an industry agnostic supply chain platform that aims to make commerce more transparent and efficient — to securely manage its virtual assets. SUKU, which had been developing a supply chain provenance solution for physical goods for the past three years, will provide a number of BlockChain solutions, including truth verification or Proof Of Existence for DreamView’s retailers and consumers.

Through the partnership with SUKU, which leverages both the Ethereum and Quorum blockchains, DreamView’s online platform, will enable online furniture retailers to create an  association of virtual product and media with physical and digital traceability of individual furniture assets. This also creates opportunities for customers to engage with the brand throughout the product’s journey from production to shipment to final ownership.

“Our partnership with SUKU provides a full physical-to-virtual product ecosystem and provenance solution, providing consumers the reassurance that the marketing representation of  the product is real and accurate,” said Macdonald.

As the ELEV8CON 2019 Startup Showcase winner, DreamView Studios will be featured on the ELEV8CON website, social media accounts, and marketing channels throughout the year.

Note: This article has been updated from the original posted by Countelegraph.