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3D Product Modeling Business Immune to Virus Crisis

March 26, 2020 – Los Angeles, California

The unprecedented international response to the Covid-19 public health crisis has seen businesses worldwide declare suspensions of production and services or indefinite closure in order to weather potentially catastrophic economic consequences. However, companies that are ‘immune’ to the crisis all have one thing in common: they are essential to the continued functioning of society as providers of necessities. Along with utilities, communications technology, and healthcare, an active commerce is vital to the welfare of countries and citizens alike. The ‘stay-at-home economy’ stands to become the bedrock upon which we all ride out the pandemic – with eCommerce having shifted from a convenient option to outright necessity. Consider: while the majority of brick-and-mortar outlets have been forced to shutter due to mandatory shelter-in-place orders, Amazon is hiring 100,000 additional workers to handle online orders.

What most don’t realize is that the remarkable company behind many of their engaging shopping experiences is working harder than ever during the global shutdown. DreamView, the California-based creator of 3D Product Modeling, CGI virtual products for eCommerce, has quietly come to corner the market, having created hundreds of  thousands of digital products for major manufacturers and online retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Wayfair. That perfect dining set you found on the Overstock website – the one you can zoom, pinch, and see from all angles? DreamView likely created those images. That amazing interactive feature on Amazon which allows you to view any rug you want on your own home’s floor in Augmented Reality, right there on your mobile device? DreamView makes that happen, too. 

But those millions of shoppers worldwide would be even more amazed to discover that this effortless interaction has been developed from the ground up by the team of world-class artists, animators, and CGI wizards who brought to life the imaginary worlds of ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘The Matrix’, and ‘Jurassic Park’. That’s right – DreamView consists of world-class visual effects experts hailing from companies like Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, and gaming giant Electronic Arts, just to name a few. Says company CEO, Euan Macdonald, “Our entire team works remotely, and we’re taking everything we’ve learned from creating these complex imaginary worlds and applying it on a much larger scale. What we’ve accomplished goes far beyond entertainment – it’s a new way for people around the world to engage with brands and retailers and get a real sense of products they’re considering buying before they go through with the purchase.”

Macdonald describes DreamView’s technology as “…a 100% cloud-based, blockchain-enhanced, secure web-and-mobile platform which can efficiently scale 3D asset production, distribution, workforce, and support of CGI assets for the websites and platforms of eCommerce clients anywhere in the world.” As with the photoreal imagery seen in the aforementioned films, the company’s 3D CGI images are indistinguishable from real-world products. Customers can see a manufacturer’s perfect, specification-accurate, virtual product from all angles, in a variety of lifestyle scenes, including any available product variations – without ever going to the store. What’s more, DreamView supports and creates AR (Augmented Reality) products, allowing customers on mobile devices using AR-enabled apps – such as Amazon’s – to view, resize, and place that virtual product in real time, right in their own room.

How does it work? A manufacturer sends their product information and reference images to DreamView where a perfect, three-dimensional digital counterpart and product images are created using the company’s proprietary Virtual Photo Shoot™ technology. Virtual products are then placed in custom art-directed interior or exterior scenes created from DreamView’s ever-growing library of virtual lifestyle environments. Manufacturers have the ability to make changes to products or scenes, add, take away, or swap out items as needed. Ultimately, the Virtual Photo Shoot process allows product owners to create infinitely reusable, high quality product images and lifestyle scenes from their own dedicated library of assets.

DreamView’s true innovation is fully apparent when one realizes it’s efficiency: traditional photo-shoots require shipping of a manufacturer’s products to select studios and locations, a specialized crew to light, style, and photograph the items, and the disassembly and return of all products afterwards. DreamView’s full-service solution of using virtual scenes and assets not only creates marketing media 2x to 10x times more quickly than those outdated and expensive traditional methods, but does so in formats that are usable on a wider variety of platforms, at a 4x to 20x cost savings.

Instead of dependence on physical storage and asset cataloguing, manufacturers can easily find, archive, and manage their digital products and media on DreamView’s secure cloud platform, along with the ability to approve and track the progress of individual products. Finally, once a digital product or media asset is approved, DreamView can also assist with managing distribution and make multiple deliveries of those product images and 3D assets to different eCommerce retailers – all at once, all on the same platform. COO, Nathaniel Hunter: “Our solution is simplified, cost efficient, and of the highest quality. Every client we have is a recurring client, and many are asking about reserving our time so they’re not left out as their needs grow — and as a result of this demand, DreamView expands to meet that need.” 

Though public health is obviously the primary concern for everyone, an unexpected side-effect of the global crisis finds DreamView’s revolutionary eCommerce solution experiencing a period of explosive growth.  Indeed, DreamView’s value lies not only in its adaptive business model, but in the perpetual stability of the service they provide as eCommerce grows. While our level of social interaction may have momentarily changed for the good of all, our personal needs have not, and there is very real comfort and reassurance in the concept of continuity and maintaining a sense of normalcy for ourselves and those around us. Despite the current challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, lives are still being lived, products are still being made, and hundreds of millions of us are still shopping – but now, more than ever, we’re doing it online. Shoppers, brands, and retailers alike have come to realize that DreamView’s user-friendly, high-quality, and downright-awesome-to-use 3D CGI technology is much more than just an online shopping method. It’s an opportunity for those brands and fans, retailers and shoppers, to connect, interact, and communicate on a whole new level – and an amazing evolution of the way we all use technology in our daily lives.


DreamView founded by veteran CGI visionaries with 100+ years combined experience in creating CGI & Visual Effects for blockbuster movies, AAA games, and eCommerce products, hailing from companies such as Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, and Electronic Arts. DreamView Studios’ cloud-based services solution creates, manages, and distributes photoreal and AR CGI assets and media for eCommerce platforms and clients. The company’s proprietary scalable technology not only provides infinitely reusable 3D CGI assets, but also facilitates visualization and market testing of virtual product color and texture variations.

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