3D Digitized Content.


DreamView Process.


Using our machine learning custom import engine, we can ingest Excel, Google Docs, JSON, really any data source into automated product data. Descriptions, measurements, pricing, links, pictures, and more, without the need for manual entry.

Our machine vision layer-scans every product for color variations, complexity, and scale, adding an extra layer of data that can be exported out into our clients’ format during delivery.


Our platform has been built from the ground up for high-volume content delivery. We can produce anywhere from hundreds to thousands of assets per month at consistent quality and pricing.

Naming, sizing, formats, and every small detail is programmatically validated at every stage of the production process. Our QA team checks each model, image, and sequence by hand, validating them prior to delivery in order to maintain our impeccably high standards.


After a model has been verified at each production stage, it is formatted based on each client’s specific deliverable requirements, then transferred through our custom, secure API, to their data storage system of preference.

Each of our models are future-proofed with custom export and compatibility data and can be pushed to Mobile, Web, PC/MAC, and every 3D engine we’ve met.

DreamView AI

DreamView AI is the brains behind our platform. And is a work in progress and was built to not only automate many of the validation steps that are common across all models, but with a spritz of AI, it also knows how to ‘learn’ and quantify those learnings back to the DreamView platform, keeping everything moving smoothly and on-time.

DreamView.ai manages:
• Model size, scale, and positions
• Model topology standards
• Client-defined naming conventions
• Multiple Texture resolutions per map
• Organization in source and deliverable file structures
• Render automation, queueing, and mitigation
• Machine vision scans on ALL image-based content
• API configurations for client-specific connectivity

Product-Information Imagery.

DreamView creates automated, standard, or customized studios for your products to bring easy comparability and increased conversion rates to all of your customers.

Our automated rendering configurations are fully customizable by product type, size, color, and variants, per client. Once it's set, let Alfred do the rest to get hands-free product images and scenes.


Using Alfred or custom models, DreamView can deliver high quality, real-time models that can be used in current and future AR & VR applications.

We can also deliver custom development solutions - just ask, we'd love to help!

Interactive 360


    Product 360.

    For use in your eCommerce site or application, we can deliver:

    • interactive turntables
    • full 360 3D interactive models

    Art-Directed Rooms.

    DreamView is developing a world-class VR interior designing tool that allows our set and interior decorators the freedom of real world design, without the hernias and blistered hands.

    Each room scene is saved, and can be hot-swapped with items of similar size, scale, and category, allowing a near infinite number of possible product configurations.